How to find a lost dog?

If, through carelessness, inattention or even animal whim, you have lost your dog and do not know how to find it, your presence on this site is an opportunity for you to find your pet. In this article, you will discover a simple, but amazing trick used by American hunters who have already lost their dog many times in the forest. Thanks to this amazing trick, they found their pet several times.

Using a piece of clothing you are wearing

This tip consists of taking an item of clothing that you, as the owner of the dog in question, have worn several times, or at least for a day. The main thing is that your scent, which the animal is supposed to know, can be picked up in this garment. Continue this article for read more and know more. Then, walk to the place where you last saw the dog, armed with the garment and place it there. Similarly, if your dog has a kennel of its own or a toy it loves, you can take those along too, unless the area is not conducive to leaving a kennel. It is also possible and useful to leave a note asking not to touch the dog's things.

The next step: a water bowl

You can also put a water bowl here, as the dog probably didn't get a chance to drink the last time. However, do not put food in the bowl, as this may attract other animals that could chase your dog away. Leave the items and come back the next day, or if possible, check on them from time to time. It is likely that your dog will come back and wait for you. On the other hand, many would not believe that a dog would be able to recognise an item of clothing without hearing the voice of its owner who spends hours shouting its name. But it's a trick that has worked for many people.