How to make caramel?

Pleasant, melting or crunchy, caramel brings that little extra touch to all desserts. However, the preparation of this marvel is not easy to realize of all. It is to remove precisely this limitation that we will write in the lines to follow the different steps to make this preparation.

Only use white sugar

To prepare the caramel, you can cook the white sugar without adding liquid and make it dry. You can also add a little water while cooking. Keep in mind, however, that it will take a little longer if you do this. You will have to watch the cooking for many minutes without stirring anything to avoid crystallization. Gili-paradise covers other similar cooking topics. Click on if you want to research further.

Next, you'll need to check the coloration

Obviously, you should not taste your cooking to check the progress of cooking, at the risk of burning yourself. Overcooked, your caramel will be inedible and bitter. That's why you should place a piece of parchment paper in the caramel to check the coloring. Also, favor a good pan color, so as not to distort your cooking.

You should then add the cream to your caramel

The objective here is to avoid crystallization of the caramel when introducing the cream. To do this, the hot cream must be incorporated gradually into the preparation. This way, the temperature will not change abruptly.
However, if crystals form despite your efforts, don't be afraid. You will only need to reheat the crystallized part (a bit like butter).

Caution to take to keep the pan that was used for the preparation

Once the preparation is complete, it is recommended to fill the pan with water up to the level of the remains of caramel, which will then have to be boiled. The hot water obtained will dissolve the sugar without you having to do anything.